About Me

Dimitar Vuksanov


Im a designer and enterperneur from Serbia.


I used to work as Art Director in advertising for some of the top companies in the world than moved to UI and UX design. I founded a startup and an agency where I designed, managed and shipped dozens of digital products. 


Now I work as a freelance consultant, helping businesses deliver better products.

I love learning about new technologies and how they shape the way we design interactions between humans and machines.


Im a strong believer in giving back to the community which is why I work on helping young entrepreneurs in Serbia through mentorship and education, in collaboration with ICT HUBSEE ICT and Faculty of Organizational Science, University of Belgrade.
In my free time I enjoy riding motorcycles and kayaking.

If you have a project in mind shoot me an email with details, Im always interested in solving new business problems with design.


Email: vuxanov@gmail.com