Designing Themes worth over $100k

Happy clients are good for business. Happy clients come back to us with new ideas and needs, and refer us to their friends, making the business more successful. And making our clients happy with our work is the only kind of business we want to be doing.

We are a group of friends who left their jobs and started their own business, doing all the things we love and having fun. We’ve got decades of experience in marketing, design and technology under our belt, and a passion for creating beautiful and meaningful products.

When we were starting our company in the Spring of 2013 we were wondering about how we should name it. People all over Britain use the word “pukka” for something solid, trustworthy, sure, authentic or first-class. This is exactly the kind of products we want to build, and the kind of service we want to provide.

We’ve built a number of WordPress themes with these principles in mind and so far we’ve made 3.000+ people happy with our themes, grossing over $100.000.

You can browse and purchase our themes here.