Some designers carefully craft pixel perfect user interfaces and obsess over delivering delightful experiences to the users. But I actually care about your bottom line.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Dimitar Vuksanov, designer and entrepreneur.

I worked as art director in advertising with few Fortune 500 companies than moved to UI and UX design. I founded a startup and an agency where I designed, managed and shipped dozens of digital products.

Now I work as an independent consultant, helping businesses deliver better products. I am a strong believer that design decisions should be based on business goals.

Here are some ways in which I can help you reach your goals:

Idea validation

Some like to say that ideas aren’t important, that it’s all about execution. But let’s be honest, some ideas are just plain stupid.

I can help you find out which ones aren’t, by using various idea validation techniques I personally tested.

Information Architecture

It’s the blueprint everything starts from. No matter how hip your technology stack is, if your information architecture is bad users will be frustrated with your product.

To make sure your product is built on solid foundation I’ll help you implement appropriate user experience design techniques from the start.


This is arguably the most important phase of any digital product. Its where ideas finally get materialized into design. But there are many ways to solve a particular problem, not all of them being equal.

With proper approach you can learn which are better, before making costly mistakes.

UI Design

This is what your users see. Let’s amaze them!


From basic interactions to complex animations, I’ll choose the right tool: Sketch, Invision, Figma, Adobe XD, Principle, After Effects…

User Testing

Because you aren’t building this product only for yourself.  

My experience in designing and conducting moderated as well as unmoderated user testing will help you build a faster and cheaper by avoiding mistakes before they reach users.

Art Direction

There are too many products that look the same.

Let’s set your product apart from others.

MVP Development 

I can recommend reliable development teams from Serbia that will fit your budget. 

Or help you manage a team of your choice, from idea to launch.

Makes sense?
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Already have a product? I can help you make it even better.

Here is how:

UX Audit

See your product through objective eyes.

User Testing

Learn what actually works.

UX Improvements

Implement what you learned.

Conversion Optimization

Bad design may be cheaper but it costs more. 

Design Refresh

Because beauty matters.

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